zaterdag 24 december 2016

Ramas Sepret: Deaths priest

Authors note: Ramas Sepret is not related to Kethoth Sepret, the latter being older by more than 10 billion years

The wind screamed like a phoenix in pain, lightning flashed like the gods were angry, and Ramas Sepret stood in the eye of the storm like it was nothing more than a warm summer breeze. Which it was in that particular region. He was in the sea of storms, and though it wasn't a sea, it often felt like it. With its frequent earthquakes, storms and volcanic eruptions, it was a very dangerous place to be. It wasn't just the weather either, monsters lurked in every cave,shadowy corner and graveyard. And to add to those problems, the people weren't nice either, thieves and murderers were on every forest, road and open plain. these were the kind of people that were trying to defeat Ramas at this point. "Yaaaaaaah!" shouted one of the bandits, and, charging, swung his axe at Ramas's head. Ramas ducked and swung his scimitar, severing the brute's head from his body. The head hit the ground with a thud and the body crumpled onto the sand, the other brutes stared at him in horror, then they turned and ran. The laugh of a servant of death followed them. Ramas stood there for a while, thinking, then he turned and strode away, leaving a cloud of darkness behind him.

To Be Continued.

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