donderdag 16 februari 2017

Special Creatures in the Empire #1

1. Gronikems
Even though these creatures were developed when some necromancers tried to upgrade ogres, their intelligence is incredibly high, considering that they are mutated ogres. They went rogue and destroyed most of their creators. Their is also one cyclops gronikem in existence, made by the gnome necromancer cousins. You can negotiate with them and they are not actually that violent, some elvish communities deal with them for protection.

2. Gruftas
Gruftas are ogre cyborgs, basically, imagine an ogre with half of it covered in metal plates and one arm is a large laser-cannon, they have access to a huge variety of gadgets so they can speak/understand any language in their database and can scan for invisibility, they also have immense strength, among other things. They are the second attempt at upgraded ogres. Programmed to be violent, if you see one, RUN!!!

3. Joon
Elf-like creatures who dwell in the deepest part of the forest, name comes from dwarvish "joonar" meaning mystery. There is no further information on these mysterious creatures.

4. Org
Self described supreme hunters, big, dumb brutes about ogre size but with more advanced hunting techniques and bigger teeth, don't need to say much about these guys and gals. Avoid or bribe with shiny things.

5. Jabber monkey
Vicious bite and their jabbering can drive people insane. Are native to Koolode island but were taken as stowaways to Buubar (slave trading capital) and used as torture or entertainment. Rare and dangerous. Avoid at all costs!!!!!

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