vrijdag 17 februari 2017

Kethoth Sepret: Master archer

Kethoth Sepret strode through the mist, grasping his axes in his powerful hands, strong from pulling the Supreme Bow for all that time. The fog would drive any normal creature mad, but Kethoth Sepret was no normal creature. He had walked the Material plane for ten billion years and more, he knew why he was here and what he was here to collect. The Kragali sword had been repaired and Kethoth was here to pay the fee and collect it from the Draanak, master smiths and fearsome warriors. That was the reason Kethoth was gripping his hand-axes so hard, the Draanak were not known for their honesty and even with all his training Kethoth didn't think he could take an elite squadron of Draanak unprepared. A shout pierced the fog, and so did a dozen arrows, whizzing and hissing through the thick mist. Kethoth whirled around and his axes flashed, cutting through the arrows even as they sliced through the air towards him. Another shout rang out and two dozen Draanak warriors sprang out of the fog, throwing their spears and drawing their swords in one fluid motion. Kethoth shouted a battle cry and threw himself at the Draanak, becoming a whirlwind of flashing steel. Soon their were but two warriors still standing, Kethoth and one Draanak, the Draanak and Kethoth stood facing each other for some time, then the Draanak spoke in his raspy voice, mandibles clacking as he talked "kill me then ranger, you have already slain my fellow warriors, some of them my friends. With so much blood on your hands, what difference does a bit more make?". Kethoth stood for a while, glaring at the Draanak. All of a sudden he gave an inhuman screech and lunged forward, smashing the hilt of one axe into the Draanak's forehead, there was a loud crack as the the warrior's shell gave way, revealing the soft pink flesh underneath. The Draanak fell back, laughing as he fell from the edge of the cliff and dropped towards the ground, so far below him. The laugh seemed to follow Kethoth as he walked away, only stopping with a splat when the Draanak hit the bottom.

A little while later, Kethoth reached the Draanak capital and was greeted by the sight of twenty armed guards, four of them. They were Kragali warriors, bound to the Draanak while they held the Kragali sword, Kethoth strode up to them and looked up at the fifteen foot tall, twenty armed and green-skinned soldiers with undershot jaws. "Well, well, well, Kethoth Sepret" the Kragali spat out the last word like it was a curse or an insult "I never thought I'd see the day when the 'master archer' came to Beg! the Draanak for the sword that that will control us!" "I have not come to beg, Troogall, but I expect that you may have begged for release, am I correct?" the Kragali grunted and stood aside, bowing his head in shame as he did so. "Why thank you Troogall" Kethoth mocked "I have never known such kindness from one such as you!" he grinned and loped past, ducking as Troogall's fist swung towards him. The Draanak leader received him in the enormous capital palace "welcome Kethoth, have you got the jewels?"

To Be Continued.

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