zondag 11 december 2016

Travels of Carric Stormwind

"Music is Magic" a quote from Carric Stormwind, greatest bard ever

As he got up off the ground Carric Stormwind noticed footprints in the ground beside, and that his sword and wallet were gone. "Hmmm, Benson, it's time to get up now" he called "la la la" Benson squawked ruffling his feathers and hopping/flying from branch to branch "come my fine little familiar, come my wonderful parrot" Carric sang as Benson jumped towards him and landed on his shoulder. "I'll find out some info about our thief and then we'll have breakfast, ok Benson?" Carric asked "kay" Benson squawked back. Carric crouched by the prints and started singing an elvish hymn, as the magic took effect Benson's feathers started to glow and the knowledge flowed into Carric's mind. "That tickles, elf" squawked Benson, "it's half-elf" replied Carric, frowning as a disturbing thing happened, the information that he had just gained flowed away, almost like someone or something was neutralising his immense magical abilities. "Elf, my feathers are going black" Benson squawked, cutting across Carric's thoughts and bringing his mind back to his body. "What!" he gasped "that's impossible, your feathers are enchanted to glow when near magic, not turn black!" "correct, elf" laughed Benson, but his voice was deep and didn't have the slightest hint of a squawk in it "but what if his feathers are near the almighty power of nothing". "No" whispered Carric in terror and horror "Undragon"

To Be Continued...

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