zaterdag 10 december 2016

Wizard Training in the Forgotten Realms

"It's taking me there! I can't believe it! It's taking me there!" I whoop, as the shuttle blasts off toward the portal. "OK we're ready to go through the portal, start the countdown" shouts Nimble (the gnomish driver) as we blast forward. We hit the portal. Lights flash red. The AI speaks. It asks "you are travelling to another dimension, will you allow inter-dimensional boosters?". Nimble replies with a yell of excitement and a screamed "yes". "Brace for impact" is the only reply. Boom! The shuttle slams into the barrier between dimensions. My seat belt snaps. I'm hurled forward. I slam into the window. It hurts. And then the shuttle accelerates again, throwing me back into my seat. I look out the window and the sight that greets my eyes is incredible, elvish woods and dwarven mountains, dragon-born villages and halfling farms. But then I see them. Clashing armies. Then I remembered, this dimension is in the middle of a war. A big one. They say it will last thousands of years. I see explosions of fire, ice and lightning, I see blood and gore, huge machines and, most horrifyingly, anti- aircraft missiles! I'll recap, I had just come through an old gnomish portal in an old gnomish scout ship and both sides are afraid of gnomish scout ships! Oh yeah and there is also one eensy weensy tiny little detail I forgot, they're pointing gigantic missiles at us!!!!! Help me...

To Be Continued.

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