zondag 18 december 2016

Adventures of Arumunks 3

"Commander" Zol cried "Elzoth has disappeared!" "It's those dang zakanians again" the commander shouted back "keep moving", "oh, it was a zakanian alright" said a soft voice filled with evil that not even the cyganarians could not understand "but not the ones you were expecting" then he laughed and laughed and laughed while the cyganarians screamed and screamed and screamed as the zakanian's magic pulled them apart. The last thing Zol remembered before he blacked out was that face. The zakanian looked like Arumunks, but there was something evil in that face, something even Zol could not comprehend.

"Hurry up Arumunks" shouted Wardnel, as he looked down at the scene of horror that was the slaughter field where the cyganarians had been ripped apart "what is it, Wardnel" Arumunks shouted back, even though he was right behind him. He took one look at the carnage that was the road and then swore loudly, "what is it, Arumunks?" Wardnel asked worriedly, Arumunks didn't reply for a while, then he muttered one word "zerthimons"

To Be Continued.

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