zaterdag 24 december 2016

Immeral Holimion: the Blind Assassin

Immeral Holimion, the blind assassin, listened silently from the bushes as the slave traders marched past with their captives. Moments later Immeral was among them, a whirling tornado of steel and death, slashing and jabbing, twirling and dancing around his enemies. In a few seconds there was only one man left, he looked up at Immeral in horror, noticing his milky white eyes "but you're blind! how is that possible!" the trader screamed in horror, "The names Immeral Holimion, the blind assassin" Immeral grinned and brought his short sword down into the man's head, killing him instantly. One of slaves approached him to thank him, but he yelped as he realised that Immeral was no longer in the spot that he had occupied moments ago.

Later that day  Immeral was at the gates of Salenbur, the capital of the elven nation. "Sorry sir, but we have to check that you're really who you say you are" one of the guards informed him "please step into the machine" the machine clicked and showed Immeral's details on the small screen the guard was holding. "Thank you sir, please move along".

To Be Continued.

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