donderdag 7 april 2016

The IB Attitudes That we Need on Camp

In camp I think we will need to use all of the IB attitudes because they will all play a key role in our safety and happiness. Here is why:

We need to appreciate camp because it is a very fun but very costly activity so chances are we won't go again if we don't appreciate it properly.
We need to commit to the activities at camp for basically the same reason as appreciation, if we don't commit we won't get enough fun and there won't be any point in doing it again.        

To have proper fun we need to be confident and have a can do attitude.

if we cooperate everything will be a lot easier and everyone will have more fun

For this camp it will be very helpful to have a creative approach to things.

If we are curious in camp we could learn heaps of new things.

Kindness will be essential in this camp because it doesn't take much to get hurt in the bush and it will speed things up a lot if we help each other.

Like confidence we need to be willing to try things to have proper fun.

Some times we will have to be independent of others to succeed.

Like empathy we need to be kind on camp.

We need to be respectful of the teachers, our fellow students and ourselves.

We need to tolerate that some people aren't as good at some things as others.

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