donderdag 28 april 2016

Game - Dragons Through the Ages

"Dragons through the ages" is a game with very little materials and its highly adaptable. It simply involves a pencil, a rubber, a ruler, quite a a lot of paper, and your imagination. To play you create certain jobs agreed on by the group such as, farmer, carpenter, warrior, and hunter. Each job gets a certain amount of materials per round. Everyone chooses a job and the group decides on some monsters with stats and xp values, then the group agrees on enough dragons to keep the game going for a while. The aim of the game is to capture one of each type of dragon. disagreements are resolved by paper scissors rock and the result of stunts and the like is a group decision. Every round each character must eat a certain amount of food agreed on by the group to survive and must get a vaccination every three rounds which costs one hundred gold if no one is playing the doctor or a price decided on by the doctor if some one is playing her/him. If there are parts missing in this explanation then the group fills in the missing pieces. Now go play!

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