woensdag 23 maart 2016

Adventures of Arumunks

“Cantcatchme!” Zigzag screeched gleefully, “huh” grunted Zanchos, “I’ll catch you someday” “dontexpectto” Zigzag laughed. “You two!” shouted Arumunks “quit fighting or I’ll blast you both to cinders!” “okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaydowehavetoseetheorbtouched?” Zigzag moaned as he trudged at the speed of sound round and round Arumunks and Zanchos till they were dizzy. "Quit that Zigzag" grumbled Zanchos. "Imgone!" shouted Zigzag and practically teleported into the hut. Arumunks and Zanchos were just about to step in when the cry "cyganaryians!" rang out, orb-touched and normal zakanian warriors alike came streaming out of various huts. Wardnel, the youngest but also most powerful orb touched, ran past with his tigra, Arumunks followed. "good to see you again Arumunks" Wardnel said after performing the customary hand gesture when greeting someone of lower rank "for you maybe" muttered Arumunks after replying with the gesture of greeting someone of higher rank (who was highly annoyed that this young ling of only eighty three years old outranked him). 

The battle was a short but fierce one and the winner turned out to be the zakanians, not without many casualties however, the total losses were, five hundred and eighty seven deaths, thirteen prisoners and ten wolf riders casualties to the cyganaryians, one hundred and forty three casualties with seventy two badly wounded and three orb-touched dead to the zakanians. 

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