maandag 5 september 2016

The Adventures of Werty and Gnomey 3

"Sir, its getting much darker than before" called one of the guards, "yes, strange isn't it?" muttered Gnomey. Suddenly, a shape appeared in the distance, stumbling and lurching, like a troll, a very small troll... "weapons at the ready" shouted Sicsun-moor and the seventeen gnomish warriors surrounded the three magicians in a protective circle. "prepare defensive spells" bellowed Thacsan-sedekan, the gnomish magician's axes started to glow with red, brown and turquoise light.

Werty looked up and saw strange light coming from the top of the hill that he was climbing "huh, funny that, it looks like gnome magic, I must be hallucinating" he mumbled to himself "I'm absolutely crazy". He walked up to it and was blasted back by a beam of yellow light. His head snapped up and he went into full berserk battle mode. He charged and went straight through the barrier of gnomish warriors and magicians, hurling them to the side as easily as if they were made of paper instead of flesh and blood. Then, the air around him glowed yellow and before he could even react, he was sent flying and he hit the ground, once, twice, three times before he tumbled to a stop. A stream of yellow light hit him and he blacked out.

To be continued.......

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