dinsdag 6 september 2016

Adventures of Arumunks 2

"Arumunksyouneedahealer!" gasped Zigzag as Arumunks groaned and got up from the place where he had fallen with three cyganaryian spears in his back and a life draining,cyganaryian wolf rider sword embedded in his skull. Around him lay the three hundred and fifty seven cyganaryian warriors and seven wolf riders whose lives he had taken. He was brought to the healers and put in the emergency room to be healed by the orb-touched healer specialist, Helaas, after three hours and twenty seven healing spells which used most of Helaas's magical energy, he was able to walk and cast minor spells. The funeral pyres were lit, and each zakanian's burning was attended to by his or her family and friends, the enemy dead were unceremoniously blasted to ash and thrown into the river. At the council meeting, Arumunks and the orb-touched discussed battle strategies. " I suggest we launch an attack at their retreating warriors and then use a small strike force to attack the cyganaryian city directly" said Adras, one of the older warriors, "no!" cried Meraas "you can't send the warriors to their doom like that!". "He does have a point Adras" put in Helaas, "I suggest we destroy the retreating warriors and then send messengers calling for reinforcements, the enemy won't expect the warriors back for a while and we should be able to get reinforcements in that time". There was a general agreement and they consented to send Wardnel and Arumunks with twenty warriors and ten spell-casters to destroy the hundred or so cyganaryian warriors that had retreated. Once that was done they sent Zigzag and a few others to get reinforcements.

To be continued.......

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