dinsdag 16 augustus 2016

Grammar Ninja

I am going to review a grammar game called Grammar ninja, I'm going to tell you which age I think it is designed for and what I think about it. I think this game is suited for quite a broad category of ages and I would rate it for kids from about 6 to 13. I would probably give this game an 8/10 because it's a bit boring but otherwise it's excellent.

In Grammar ninja you choose a level (Beginner ninja, Skilled ninja and Master ninja). Then you have to find the part of speech specified above (nouns and verbs for beginner, nouns, verbs, pronouns, articles, adjectives and adverbs for skilled and everything for mastered). A small box towards the bottom left tells you how many words you've got left to identify, a larger box at the bottom tells you what kind of word it is if you fail and a box at the top right gives you a hint if you need it. You identify the word by clicking on it.

I liked this game because it adds a cool twist to learning about grammar. It also has a ninja stare down at the start. If you want to try it yourself just click this link, Grammar ninja.

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