dinsdag 17 mei 2016

The Adventures of Werty and Gnomey 2

"Man, I hate meetings" muttered Gnomey as he jogged back to the "Mushroom House", "even if they're in the forest with lots of refreshments, they're so tedious, especially if you're the gnomish president and your talking to the representatives of the gnome factions. Funny though,Thosun-moor was late because of troll attacks and Werty was missing........." he spluttered to a halt, both in words and in movement "oh no" he breathed, then he got out his exto-plasmaratic sifo didy dum (gnomish cell phone) and called Gonus, his secretary. "Gonus! this is an emergency, you've got to tell the faction leaders to send soldiers into the mines and to prepare their defenses for a full scale troll invasion, I'm going into the mines to find Werty! Over"

Several minutes later Gnomey was at the mine with general Sicsun-moor (brother of Thosun-moor) and a troop of twenty gnomish warriors and three gnomish magicians under the command of Thacsan-sedekan. They descended into the mines and soon found the wreckage of the earthquake caused by the deep earth troll "what happened here!" exclaimed one of the soldiers. "Earth troll magic" breathed Gnomey, suddenly the ground exploded and everyone, but three guards fell down towards the pits, because of the shock of the collapsing tunnel they all forgot to use magic.

In the pits, they took a while to find each other and get their bearings. Once they were together again they drew their weapons and set off on their search for Werty.

Meanwhile Werty tussled with the mud troll, and it was the hardest battle he'd ever fought. Fighting a troll in its home territory after falling about one hundred and fifty meters into one of the pits was not a task every gnome was up for. But Werty hit and kicked and scratched and bit, until finally the troll was flat on its back, blood dripping from its wounds. "Man" huffed Werty, breathing heavily "that was tough!"

To Be Continued..........                   

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